Nate Hastings and his team deal in selling homes in a way that benefits sellers.

All too often, agents forget that they are representing the homeowner at all times. At the Hastings Team, the interests of the homeowner are always our number one priority.

When you work with us you are not simply handing your home over to strangers. We involve all our home selling clients in every aspect of the process, ensuring there is always open and effective communication at every key stage.

Selling Within your Timeframe

In the vast majority of cases homeowners have a timeframe in which they wish to sell. We do not consider your timeframe a loose guideline. We are committed to 120 Day or Up To $10k Guaranteed (at Market Value). If we cannot do our job, the seller should never have to suffer as a consequence.

  • Part of the Hastings Team commitment to selling is how we approach marketing. Our strategy involves the incorporation of open houses, videos, realtor tours and flyers as standard.
  • Nate Hastings also believes that large, customized signs are a better reflection of the value of your home than standard posted signs.
  • Potential buyers are our shared customers, so when we distribute fliers and other forms of marketing media we go all out on quality. Only the highest quality materials and production methods are used in the creation of marketing propositions with us.

Effective Analysis

As a customer-focused realtor, the Hastings Team heavily relies on the analysis of market data using appraiser-based methodology to that help us understand current and future trends.

The data that we are able to gather from reversing the process and starting with an appraisal as opposed to relying on a generic CMA (Comparative Market Analysis) that most other agents use is crucial in ensuring that Nate Hastings is able to turn listings into sales.

However, what also sets the Hastings Team apart is the ability to sit down with customers and interpret data in terms that make sense. This allows us to build trust with our homeowners and create a strategy that promotes quick and profitable sales.

Marketing Commitment

With the Hastings Guarantee, marketing commitment is more than just a buzz term. Our team of experienced professionals lives by the ethos of delivering on our promises on each and every property sale. The Hastings Team is here to help you achieve the ideal home sale, exceeding all of your expectations along the way.

We will work closely with you to guarantee your home is ready for the market and the market is ready for you. You will never be left without support when you trust the sale of your home with the Hastings Team.

We look forward to helping you manage your home sale effectively and with a stress-free process. Contact us today!

The Hastings Guarantee

Nate Hastings provides a guarantee that is based on experience, knowledge and results. You won’t need to have a working knowledge of the real estate world to work with, the Hastings Team. The Hastings Guarantee ensures that we will sell your home in 120 days or we will pay you up to $10,000! This is not a gimmick, this is our promise to you.

When it comes to selling your home, our marketing commitment is a cornerstone of the Hastings Guarantee.