The Hastings Team is here to help you achieve the ideal home sale or home buy, EXCEEDING ALL OF YOUR EXPECTATIONS along the way.

Professionals run their business like a corporation. A surgeon delegates the phone lines to a receptionist; a nurse practitioner checks height, weight and vitals; a cardiologist provides expertise in his field; an anesthesiologist ensures comfort and the surgeon performs the procedure.

Our finely tuned real estate team operates in an equivalent manner. This is commonly done by lawyers and CPA’s, among other industry professionals.

Our team is comprised of buyer’s agents, listing specialists and an office manager who have become experts within a sub segment of the real estate industry. Collectively we are a well-oiled cohesive machine.

The best part is the collaborative environment and the ability to diagnose problems and find solutions in a rapid manner, as real estate is a constantly changing industry.

Team meetings are held weekly to ensure everything is running efficiently and to brief one another on market changes, challenging listings and brainstorming solutions.

Depending on your needs, a specific agent will be accountable to you, so you always have an immediate point of contact.

Like doctors, we always have an agent on call so no buyer lead is missed and all seller concerns and needs are being met around the clock.

Communication is a two-way street, which means that when we promise to keep you in the loop, we really mean it.

All callbacks are on time and clients are provided with all the key information they need to help expedite the selling process.

We go above and beyond when it comes to marketing your home listing to a wider audience. It is our belief that the homeowner should play a key role in the implementation of marketing strategies.

Our team will take care of all the complex details involved in your marketing plan, so you do not need an understanding of real estate or how marketing works.

Each home is different, so we will tailor your marketing plan so that your home is prominently advertised to potential buyers.

We use a mixed marketing strategy which utilizes digital media, radio, print media and much more. The Hastings Team can guarantee that your marketing plan will stand out from the rest.

The Hastings Team has extensive experience in real estate to draw from, so you can expect results when you trust our team to list and sell your home.

We do not use gimmicks or scams in our listing or pricing strategies, which means your home will sell at the price it is worth.

Other real estate companies convince homeowners to list with them by pumping up the prices of homes, resulting in homes that are left unsold until the price is driven below its actual market value.

The Hastings Team understands the market and will work with you until your home is sold at the right price and within your timeframe. To meet our team and begin the life-changing journey of changing your home, reach out to the team today.