Most homeowners who choose to go the For Sale By Owner route soon find out that the process is not nearly as simple or convenient as it may seem.

Once the phone starts ringing, it quickly becomes apparent that the primary interest in the property comes from realtors looking to land a listing.

First and foremost, you should be prepared for your property to potentially remain on the market for longer than you anticipated. Learning as you go may end up costing you, so it is better to be prepared if you are determined to sell your home on your own.

Useful Tips For Selling Your Home On Your Own

This is perhaps the trickiest part of a FSBO. Listing your property too high can mean losing potential buyers to the competition and losing the “fresh on the market” edge. Listing it too low can mean losing out on money that could have been in your pocket.

Selling a home is a binding contract so you will need to make sure you possess and understand all the legal documents needed for a sale. Until you have attempted a FSBO, it is all but impossible to imagine all the legal documentation you will need and the potential pitfalls that can occur.

When things go smoothly, the process can be relatively easy. However, when things go south, you don’t know what you don’t know, until you know!

If you do not market your home effectively your potential buyers may never find it. Marketing should target both local and out of town buyers.

Taking out ads in local news, listing websites and social media are just some of the ways you can ensure your listing reaches prospective buyers. It is also important to see that someone is always available to field calls from potential buyers.

Remember, the most serious buyers are working with an agent.

Why the Hastings Team Beats FSBO

It may appear that “For Sale By Owner” can be a money saver. But is it really? We believe the savings in time, the minimizing of risk and our negotiation skills will be far worth the sales commission.

Here are three reasons why:

    • 1. Qualified Buyers

      First, you have to attract buyers to your property. Our extensive marketing network will get your listing in front more buyers than you could ever reach on your own. It is also important to vet all potential buyers to guarantee they can afford the property, and gauge whether your home is a property that may interest them.

    • The Hastings Team will vet all prospective buyers so you don’t waste time on showings or purchase agreements that will never close.
    • 2. Priced for the Market – We Guarantee It!

Listing price is usually determined by a complex analysis of the market. When the Hastings Team recommends listing prices to our clients, we look at several sales drivers – the price of comparative properties in the area, the condition of your property, the economy at the time of listing your home, and any other variables.

We are confident that we will get you a better price for your property than you can get yourself. We want to prove to you we are worth the commission fee.

  • 3. No Worries on the Paperwork

    The selling of a home is a major financial and legal transaction. We will guide you through the maze of paperwork that needs to be in place to protect you as the seller. We keep current on all the newest regulations. Even if you’ve sold a house before, it is likely that requirements have changed since that time. Is it worth the risk to handle it yourself?

Save yourself the hassle and headache of a FSBO listing. Reach out to the Hastings Team for professional and experienced representation.