Not all home listings by other agents will sell, however the Hastings Team continually gets it done.


When Other Agents Fail To Deliver Results - The Hastings Team Is Here:

Property Address

Sold In

Previous Agent Did NOT Sell

3030 S. Agate Place

2 Days (Multiple Offers)

189 Days

1311 E. Oakland Street

7 Days (Multiple Offers)

67 Days

118 E. Sourwood Drive

25 Days (Multiple Offers)

106 Days

731 W. Kent Place

32 Days

236 Days

270 E. Chelsea Lane

45 Days (Multiple Offers)

191 Days

1108 S. Justine Court

88 Days

182 Days

In 2016 only 69% of homes listed on the MLS with another agent actually sold. The remaining 31% became cancelled or expired listings. WHO YOU HIRE MATTERS!

The most important thing is to ensure that you do not become discouraged. This is nothing more than a stumbling block on the path to selling your home. Mistakes were made which, with hindsight, you can correct and then re-list your home for sale. We strive to ensure the following areas are on target.

Effective Communication

Nate Hastings promotes transparent and effective communication in dealing with our clients. Real estate is a fast moving and competitive industry. Without effective communication the chances of selling your home are significantly reduced. You should expect your agent to provide you with the information that you need, when you need it.

Was the Price Right?

There are a number of variables involved in valuing a home, so it is important to deal with an agent who understands and closely monitors market conditions. Part of this evaluation is determining how long other homes in the area have spent on the market in order to arrive at the best valuation for the property given current market trends.

Days on Market vs PRICE

The objective is NOT to sell homes in hours but to sell them for TOP DOLLAR. This is a small sampling of our sales and it shows that homes priced below $275,000 take us less than 30 days to sell on average.

If the sole focus was to brag about how quickly we could sell homes, we wouldn’t take on higher priced homes. Homes price above $500,000 tend to take about twice as long, or 60 days to sell.


A General Rule - As Price Increases, So Does The Marketing Time:

Property Address

Sold In


1935 E. Del Rio Drive

5 Days$262,000

646 W. Grove Circle

9 Days$230,000

160 W. Commerce Court

13 Days$165,000

18259 N. Alicia Court

23 Days$146,000

2694 E. Birchwood Place

34 Days


911 E. Mountain Vista Drive

42 Days


2710 S. Sierra Court

51 Days$649,000

2700 S. Sierra Court

55 Days$639,900

931 E. Boston Street

67 Days$510,000

Quality Control

When you step back and look at how your home was marketed, does it look like a property you would want to buy? Forget about whatever emotional attachments you may have to your home; this is a business deal.

You are likely to have picked up on feedback from perspective buyers, so use that to make changes to the quality of your home. Make sure to mend all those little defects that may have pushed potential buyers off your property. Make sure to work on your curb appeal, too, as the first impression that buyers get can really shape their overall view of your home.

Improved Marketing

Consider ways to improve the marketing of your home. If your viewings were sparse or did not attract the type of buyer who might be interested in your home, it usually points to a poor marketing strategy. You loved your home enough to buy it – there is no reason why others won’t feel the same, as long as they see your home listed.

The Hastings Team can provide you with the experience and expertise you need to successfully market and sell your home. We will communicate with you throughout the process to ensure the sale of your home goes without a hitch. Call today for a professional consultation with a realtor who understands the market and knows how to negotiate a sale.