Selling your home, like any investment is a huge gamble and any missteps along the way can cost you dearly.

If you make the right choices from day one, you are more likely to get a fair return on your investment.

As a realtor consistently in the top 2% of his peers and with over ten years in successfully selling homes, Nate Hastings understands what works and what doesn’t, that’s why you can trust real estate sold by Nate.

Whether you have sold a home before or are selling for the first time, it is important to recognize the reasons that homes don’t sell. If you have questions or would like to learn more about why you should choose Nate Hastings and his team, contact us!

Most Common Reasons Homes Don't Sell

You will never sell your home if buyers don’t know it is on the market. Lack of exposure and poor marketing are two of the most common reasons that homeowners find it difficult to sell.

The extent and quality of marketing are equally important if you want your home to reach the buyers who matter.

Price is not an arbitrary value placed on a home. When pricing it is essential that buyers are not put off by either an under or overpriced home. Go to low and buyers may suspect there are significant defects with the property.

However, overpricing a home will leave it languishing on the market and may lead to the property selling for much less than it is actually worth.

The Hastings Guarantee

Nate Hastings provides a guarantee that is based on experience, knowledge and results. You won’t need to have a working knowledge of the real estate world to work with, the Hastings Team.

The Hastings Guarantee ensures that we will sell your home or we will pay you!

When it comes to selling your home, our marketing commitment is a cornerstone of the Hastings Guarantee. You will benefit from the collective negotiating skills of the Hastings Team, under the tutelage of our head lead generator, Nate Hastings. Selling your home will never be easier.