We commit to reaching the buyers that matter with professional, attractive & effective marketing tools.

Our unique marketing plans will create a local buzz about your sale, positioning your home ahead of the competition. We choose a combination of strategies based on market analysis to ensure your home is listed in the best light possible.

Huge Local Exposure

  • Add custom signage
  • Text for Info Rider and/or Talking House
  • Drones, Video, Virtual Staging when necessary
  • Realtor Tours
  • A custom property website can be created
  • A description of the property with color photographs will appear in Arizona Regional Multiple Listing Service
  • Custom emails with photos and property website will be sent to over 35,000 agents in the Metro Phoenix area
  • With the owner’s permission, For Sale sign will be placed on the property
  • Over 2000 listed cards will be mailed to area residents
  • Custom color property brochure will be created

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Nate Hastings believes that advertising requires a diverse approach when listing homes for sale. Taking key features about your home into account, we will focus our ads in a way that guarantees we reach the type of buyer who would be interested in purchasing your home.

Print & Digital Advertising

  • An ad will be placed in the Homes and Land Magazine and distributed to every major brokerage firm in the Phoenix Metro area and outside commercial plazas
  • Custom property postcards will be designed and mailed to the area
  • The property will be advertised in the MLS guide with a color page advertisement
  • Craigslist
  • Facebook

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Our focused marketing exposure is designed to ensure that your home is prominently featured within the first 24 hours of hitting the market. Our goal is to create excitement around your listing and prompt potential buyers to strike while the iron is hot.

24-Hour Internet Exposure

The property will be featured as well as analytics will be obtained on the internet and key real estate websites:

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There are thousands of homes listed every day with very little pomp or ceremony. Nate Hastings pulls out all the stops when it comes to utilizing mixed media to market your home. We utilize radio, social media and print media in a single marketing drive to push your listing out to a wider audience.

Radio & Integrated Media Opportunities

  • Mention on the Radio followed up by sharing on Social Media
  • Press release will be prepared and sent to the Wall Street Journal when applicable

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While most realtors use some level of data analysis to convert leads to sales, the Hastings Team has a wealth of knowledge from which to draw.

The Hastings Team also has a keen insight on how the market works and can accurately interpret data to ensure your home is listed at the right price and marketed in the most beneficial ways possible. Additionally, Nate Hastings has an affiliated business relationship with Big Marlin Group, a full time advertising agency, to ensure leads are maintained and goals are met.

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