The real estate industry is filled with gimmicks and scams that line the agent’s pockets while leaving the seller short-changed.

At the Hastings Team, we are well aware of these deceptive marketing tactics that are being commonly used by an increasing number of agents.

We are committed to ensuring our clients never get the raw end of the deal. There are three prominent tactics that agents use to land clients that we consider incredibly dishonest.

Wholesale versus Retail

“Instant Cash Offer” companies sell on the premise of convenience through the means of flexible closing dates and paying to move you. Nothing in life is free! After a “convenient offer” you’ll see “conveyance fees”. Typically, consumers are putting about 10-15% LESS in their pocket because of this. Don’t take our word on it. Get an offer from them and then let’s chat!

If you still don’t like the idea of being “inconvenienced” by showings, the Hastings Team can make them seamless, causing no inconvenience to you. We promise to get you the most money your home is worth, which will be much more than your “Instant Cash Offer” price. Remember for these firms to make money, someone is paying it and that will be the homebuyer.

The Hastings Team is here for you, and we’ll customize a home selling or buying situation to meet your needs. Whether it’s the timeline, the bottom line, or the conveyance factor, everything we do is tailored to your objectives.

Paying Advance Fees

Real estate agents can ask sellers to hand over thousands of dollars in advanced fees, also called ‘up-front money’! The agents will talk about special advertising and much more that they will use the money for, but it’s important to be wary in these situations.

Every real estate agent has the best marketing program, but do they give you examples of what they do differently? Once the listing is agreed on, promises seem to be forgotten. Make sure you hire a real estate agent that will go above and beyond to ensure your home sells for the most money the market will allow WITHOUT paying advance fees.

SELLER BEWARE: Many agents that allow themselves to be fired charge cancellation fees.

Price Hiking

There are few real estate gimmicks which are more appealing than the price hike. It’s most commonly known in the industry as the “Buying the Listing”.

  • Most homeowners have an idea of what their property is worth, so when an agent claims they can get you way more for the property the offer is too good to resist. However, all that glitters is not gold and this scam will cost you in the long run.
  • With your home on the market at an inflated price it isn’t going to attract buyers. As the days turn to weeks the agent can start pressuring for price reductions under the guise of making the property more attractive to buyers.
  • The longer your home spends on the market, the more likely it is that you will end up selling well below market value.

Nate Hastings cuts through all the gimmicks and scams to provide our clients with transparent representation when selling your home. Learn more about real estate sold by Nate and his team or contact us today to arrange a one-on-one consultation with an experienced realtor from the Hastings Team.