There are a number of factors we recommend considering when you are viewing homes. These tips will help you decide whether a property is a worthwhile investment and, most importantly, if it will enrich your life.

Tips for Home Buyers

A Home for You

Every homeowner has a basic idea of what they want from a home. You start off with the number of rooms you need and then look for the main features you want included with the property. However, the average homeowner does not have the experience or knowledge to fully appreciate the potential in a property.

The Hastings Team uses his expertise in real estate to fully analyze each home and match it to the ideal family. We communicate openly and honestly with our clients to know what you are looking for and how you can make a home your own.

Knowing the Market

When buying a home it is essential that you know the market. Naïve buyers make many assumptions when viewing potential properties. If you are too quick to make an offer, you may end up regretting it once you have settled into your new home and find that it wasn’t worth the price.

Nate Hastings and his team will look at trends in the market and perform a comparative analysis on similar properties that have sold in the same area. As an experienced realtor, Nate has the experience and knowledge when it comes to negotiations.

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Strong Closing

Negotiating a sale is not the end of the process. Until the deal is done there are many things that can go wrong. When buying a home you need a strong closing to ensure that the purchase of the home is secure. There is no worse case scenario than boxing up all of your belongings and watching the deal unravel.

With the Hastings Team negotiating the purchase of a home on your behalf, you can trust our commitment to close the sale. Our team is made up of professionals who are well versed in various aspects of the real estate industry, giving you access to a wealth of specialist knowledge and expertise.

Value of Professional Connections When Losing Bidding Wars

Buying a home without the help of an agent is a very steep learning curve, especially in situations with multiple offers where you are continuing to get beat out. It is hard to fully appreciate how many industry specialists are involved in the buying and selling of homes until you take up the challenge.

If there is one thing you can guarantee with an experienced real estate agent, it is that they are well connected in the industry. A connection that could well take you months to establish is only a phone call away for professionals such as the Hastings Team. These connections are often essential in securing a purchase when there are other potential buyers scrambling to secure a home.

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