Simple Home Improvements | Improve Value of Home | Nate Hastings

Both the external and internal aspects of your home will benefit from simple home improvements. There is nothing more likely to draw a buyer’s attention than a well-maintained property that feels like a home, rather than just a house. The difference is important when it comes to closing a sale. … Read More

Is Zillow's Zestimate Accuracte | Realtor | Blog | Nate Hastings

The home value estimator tool on this website offers what Zillow terms a “Zestimate” – a calculated estimate of a home. However, this estimate can mislead potential sellers and buyers when it comes to the actual value of a property. … Read More

Home Estimator Tools Aren't Accurate | Realtor | Nate Hastings

Most real estate websites that offer these home estimator tools clearly state the home values they give can be wrong, and the true value can fluctuate within a certain percentage. An AVM will ask for certain data from the user and usually also gathers data from other sources; such as last selling price of the home, assessed value, and comparable sales in the area. However, even with all this data, there are so many variables that cannot be inputted into a strictly numerical formula, making these home value estimates unreliable. … Read More

4 Things to do Before Gutting a Home | Realtor | Nate Hastings

You are about to completely gut your home in a renovation that will likely cost you a fortune. Before you even start, you should take stock of the impact on your personal belongings and relationships. You have one shot at this and you need to get it right! Once your project begins there is no going back, so make sure you have prepared for all the eventualities that come with a home renovation. … Read More

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It is a good idea to get ahead of the game by learning the right things to do and how to avoid unnecessary stress. You may only sell a home once in your life, but that experience alone may leave you feeling exhausted if you don’t get it right the first time. The Right Price… Read More

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When entering a fast-paced market as a homebuyer, it is important to understand how to keep pace. Mistakes can cost you in both the short and long term, either impacting on your ability to purchase the home you have been looking for or leaving you with a property that isn’t worth the investment. As with… Read More

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It is no mystery that different elements of a home will be desirable to different buyers. However, when it comes time to sell your home, understanding what certain buyers are looking for can help you determine the best target audience for your home. Whether buyers are male or female, parents or not, and other factors… Read More

Experience, Knowledge, Results | Arizona Real Estate | Sell & Buy Your Home | Hastings Guarantee

If you are considering selling your home, you want to ensure you are positioned to make the most money from your investment within the time frame you need. Even in a “seller’s market,” you need a partner to help you capitalize on this opportunity. Finding the right real estate agent can have a big impact… Read More

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The ‘Instant Offer’, it seems to be a great marketing concept for some real estate firms, especially those with a large financially backing. Basically, those firms say they are going to provide the ‘Easy Button’ and you will be able to sell your home with no hassle. The real estate firms give people the instant gratification, which is demanded in today’s world.… Read More